CSM Bakery Products



Brill’s extensive family of brands includes ready-to-use icings, frozen cake layers, ready-to-sell cakes, frozen cookie dough, brownie batters, cake batters, muffin batters, icing bases, ready-to-use fillings, donut icings and glazes. Our philosophy is that good bakery products cannot be made with inferior ingredients. We believe in quality, and that belief is reflected in the products we manufacture. The process of using the finest ingredients, superior food science technology and state-of-the-art equipment positions Brill ahead of the competition and enables us to provide our customers with the best and highest performing products. We offer fast, responsive and superior technical expertise, as well as consumer insights, category management and retail solutions.


Henry & Henry

Henry & Henry is a industry-leading brand of quality fruit and créme fillings, icings, glazes and other specialty products. In addition, we are a major supplier to the ice cream industry, producing quality fudges, syrups, variegates and ice cream bases. For some, dessert is something to serve and eat. For others, it is the canvas upon which they create a masterpiece for the mouth. Whatever the perspective, Henry & Henry helps customers transform desserts into flavor-filled delights! Our product line continues to evolve and grow, reflecting our strong reputation – and tradition -- for quality, reliability and value.



Multifoods® has been an industry leader in both the muffin and mix categories for more than 100 years.  As a pioneer of the muffin category, we have the most complete portfolio of products. We introduced pre-deposited muffins to the industry, remained at the forefront by delivering an extensive portfolio of quality baked muffins and allow customers the versatility to make more than just muffins with our high-quality Karp's® Scoop-N-Bake® Batters. Multifoods® mixes and bases are specially formulated to deliver consistent, delicious product every time. Our mixes cover a range of solutions allowing operators the simplicity of adding only water or customizing an item with their favorite add-ins.